Everything starts with an inspiring brand which sets us apart from the crowd and represents our ethos, standards and approach.

At Affilius Group, we specialise in helping companies harness the power of IT to improve internal processes, enhance sales performance and deliver superior customer service.

We also work with a number of strategic partner businesses to provide a comprehensive portfolio of IT and internet services.

Our IT Hierarchy of Needs framework allows you to identify quickly where the IT gaps are in your business and how you might overcome them to ensure you maximise every aspect of your business and its resources.

  • An expert review of your IT infrastructure with recommendations
  • Procurement and implementation of new IT systems
  • Off the shelf and bespoke software
  • E-commerce systems
  • IT infrastructure audit and security
  • Market research
  • Assess business needs
  • Identify software requirements
  • Design software solution with experienced industry experts
  • Develop solution
  • Launch solution to market
  • Define the business
  • Design brand name and concept
  • Develop brand
  • Design creative elements (logo, tagline, typogrophy, etc)
  • Identify mission/vision statement
  • Brand positioning
  • Build website
  • Social channels


Software Solutions
Affilius Group is an ‘intellectual property greenhouse’ – we continually seek opportunities to develop new innovative software solutions which bring business benefits to specialist sectors.
Strategic Partners
Our Delivery Partners have all worked with Affilius on multiple client projects with us over many years and have developed a fantastic track record for delivering innovative solutions – on time and on budget.
Business Strategy
Affilius Consulting is our consultancy and coaching arm, specialising in IT strategy, business strategy, sales coaching and marketing communications.